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Been crazy busy this holiday season and need to relax? Sole Serenity is the place to do it! It’s a hidden gem and my favorite medi-spa for a facial – but they offer a wide array of other spa services in a SUPER clean, professional and relaxing environment. I would highly recommend spending some time there to unwind during the craziness of the next few weeks – they are even offering holiday specials!



The reason I called Sole Serenity a hidden gem is because you wouldn’t just drive/walk by and see it. It’s tucked away in a medical building on Commerce Rd. Once you arrive at 9640 Commerce Rd #204, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382, you pull around the left hand side of the building and will see the main entrance. From there, you take the elevator to level two and make a right and you will see the spa.



Sole Serenity is a medi-spa which means they blend medical technology with traditional relaxation to create an experience that rejuvenates your skin while easing your mind at the same time. Best of both worlds, right? The prices for their basic services (signature facial, mani/pedi, massage) are very reasonable. But there are other services you can add on that are on the pricier side but have incredible results! They offer a wide variety of peels and laser treatments that work wonders – the wonderful estheticians (I recommend Carri) will help you decide what’s best for your skin. They also offer a Sole Sisters membership where you pay $59 per month and choose choose from one of three spa services (facial, mani/pedi or massage) valued from $75-$85, plus 20% off additional services and 10% off products! Click HERE for their full menu of services.


I absolutely LOVE this spa. Not only do they offer amazing spa services in a relaxing and clean environment but the products (SkinCeuticals) they use are incredible and the estheticians are super knowledgeable and get results.Take advantage of their holiday specials and see for yourself!




One in four girls will experience child sexual abuse. These broken, abused children, if not given the opportunity to heal, grow into broken adults who are vulnerable to many of society’s injustices. Joanne Ewald, survivor and founder of Mend on the Move, hopes to help break the silence of abuse and trafficking, empower survivors, and be their voice until they become strong enough to find their own.


Products are created at a recovery home in Detroit called Samaritas Heartline where the women live.  Soon they will have a mobile studio which will house all their equipment and tools and up to six of their makers can actually create inside it!  They will also use it as a retail space for markets and events (look for them at Eastern Market).

Customers can purchase items on their online shop and at various art shows, awareness events and speaking engagements they  do throughout the year, as well as retail locations Made Studio + Market in West Bloomfield and Finding Roots in Howell.


All their jewelry all retails for under $30, most expensive item they sell is the leather cell phone sling for $32. They use car parts which are very inexpensive and the leather is donated so we spend as little on our materials as possible and more for our makers’ hourly wages.

On The Move Key Chain.

On The Move Key Chain.


The most important thing for customers to know about the products is that they are providing an opportunity for women recovering from abuse and addiction to feel good about themselves again.  Working for Mend on the Move builds their confidence, provides skills, promotes accountability and is a stepping stone for future employment.  In addition, they also feel strongly about promoting our makers into leadership roles within Mend on the Move.

Mission and more information from the Founder.

The inspiration behind Mend on the Move came through my own journey of faith and healing from childhood abuse.  But that process took years and the true work did not begin until I was 40 years old.  My heart goes out to women carrying the shame and burdens associated with unhealed abuse.  I am a jewelry artist and I have always been intrigued by social enterprises which provide creative means for people to help themselves.  Mend on the Move became my vehicle to serve others who struggle like I once did.

This is the common story of the women we serve through Mend on the Move.  It is also my story and why I was inspired to start Mend on the Move. I, too, am a survivor of child sexual abuse. But I was one of the fortunate ones. My abuse did not lead to trafficking, addiction, homelessness or domestic abuse.  I have been able to heal. My heart aches for those women who are still trying to find their way.

In conclusion, the majority of our Makers were first abused as children, as was I.  It sets them up for further abuse and addiction later on in life.  The poor choices often lead to incarceration. The irony of abuse is that so often it is the victim’s life, not the abuser’s, that is destroyed by abuse.  It is the victim who lives with shame and unworthiness.  As a part of our mission, we hope to help break the silence surrounding abuse.



Last year Courtney and I attended this event and it was an amazing night! This year will be another wonderful evening filled with delicious food and drinks from Detroit restaurants, live music, and much more!

Most importantly, this event supports the Empowerment Plan’s incredible mission. Watch this video to learn all about it. Click HERE to purchase tickets.


I have been working out at Body Language Fitness and Yoga Center for the past 15 years and I didn’t think it was possible to love it more than I already did. But in the past year they have made some unbelievable changes to their facility and membership services. If you are in need place to workout, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Body Language!


The yoga room at Body Language is relaxing and spacious.



We have told you again and again how much we LOVE the all natural deodorant made by Rustic MAKA. Since they are celebrating their two year anniversary this month – we thought we would catch up with Kasia (CEO of Rustic MAKA) to see what the past couple years have been like and what we can expect from Rustic MAKA in the future.


Kasia and Monica – Founders of Rustic Maka



Josephine Dabish-Fermanian, also known as the Mother of Innovation, has put her heart, soul and scientific mind into the creation of a number of products that allow us to lead a “cleaner” life. Finding that she and her son had chemical sensitivity, she set out to make a pure household cleaner with organic and natural ingredients. Now here she is with a Michigan based company, Detroit Organics, offering a variety of innovative creations making the world better, one product at a time.

Detroit Organics

Detroit Organics



We were recently introduced to a local Michigan non-profit, Fleece & Thank You and to say we are inspired is an understatement. Established by Nicholas Kristock in 2015, and inspired by a little girl named Sophie who was spending her childhood in the hospital instead of playing, their mission is to provide a seed of hope for children as they arrive at the hospital by providing a fleece blanket for them. It doesn’t stop there, they connect the “blanket buddy” (a person who makes or donates a fleece blanket) to the “warrior” (child battling the life-threatening illness who is receiving the blanket) attaching a code that links to a video connecting the donor to the cause, while also allowing the child who receives the blanket to feel more connected and special because they can see the face and hands that helped make it.

At Mercy Children's Hospital

Delivery at Mercy Children’s Hospital



If you are still looking for a unique idea for your Valentine’s Day celebration – we can help you out! Body Language Fitness & Yoga is offering a partner yoga class on Friday, February 12th at 7pm, with wine and cheese event following.

Physically, this class allows you to get deeper into some postures and emotionally offers you an opportunity to really connect with your partner. The postures are simple and the flows basic so every BODY is welcome!




We took a look back at all of the amazing places in Michigan we were lucky enough to experience in 2015. All we can say is WOW – our state is PACKED with incredible places that delight our senses. So, we thought we would give you a quick snapshot of all the spots we visited in the past year.




So you know when you visit your pals in other states and they just recycle their bottles & cans and you can’t help but feel a little jealous of the fact that they don’t have to stand at that dreaded machine digging through a smelly & sticky bag for a little extra cash? Well, we have a solution to those all too pesky returnables and a way to give back to a local entrepreneur who has really earned his keep!

Meet Tyler. 

Tyler is a hardworking business owner just like anyone else who happens to enjoy returning bottles & cans. From being given a one-in-five chance of surviving to being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism, Tyler has had his fair share of struggles. He started Tyler’s Bottle Service after graduating from MCTI and having difficulty finding work. His mother, Rhonda, has always pushed Tyler to do his best and taught him to not allow his disability to define him, rather go out and find something he loves doing and build a business out of it. If having your bottles & cans returned for you and still getting something out of it isn’t enough to talk you into utilizing his service, Tyler’s infectious smile and upbeat attitude will.




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