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Drought: where juicing is easy

Our Experience. 

I was inspired to start juicing about two years ago after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Before you start to scream YUCK at your computer screen – I promise that if you get the right recipe you will LOVE green juicing.

With that being said, the healthy habit of juicing from home takes a lot of work. Perfecting the recipe, cleaning your juicer, buying/preparing the fruits and veggies…I wish their was a way to have freshly pressed juice pre-made and ready to drink….oh wait – there is!

The James sisters opened Drought in Plymouth and now have a location in Detroit. They offer lots of juices to choose from, which are all so yummy. Drought Juice is cold pressed which keeps it pure. Read about the many befits of Drought Juice HERE.


The Detroit Drought location in the Shinola Store.