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          About us
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          Xinxiang Yuxin Windpower Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd. is located in Torch Park, High-tech Zone in Xinxiang Henan. It is the professional stock company to design & manufacture the wind power equipment, it belongs AVIC Xinxiang aviation industry (group) Co. Ltd. It provides professional wind power generators cooling and lubrication solutions and services.

          Business scope: It researches & develops, products, assembly, installs, manufactures and sales wind power and other equipment cooling system and lubrication system, various kinds of heat exchanger, various kinds of radiator system, various related spare parts, imports and exports the mechanical and electrical products.

          Product coverage: 600 KW, 850 KW, 1.0 MW, 1.5 MW, 2.0 MW, 2.5 MW, 4.0 MW fan, etc.

          Adhering to AVIC’s military refrigerating and cooling technology and rich experience to manufacture & development aircraft environmental control system, heat exchangers, automobile air conditioner production. Yuxin established perfect quality integrated system of developing, manufacturing and testing items. Since 2003 Yuxin begging to research & develop the heat exchanger and cooling system in wind power; until 2006, Yuxin has succeed supply heat exchanger and cooling system in many customers’ several model generator frequency converter, lord control cabinet and key equipments; in 2007, Yuxin developed air cooling system for the 1.0MW wind power; in 2009, Yuxin developed the generator cooling system, gear box cooling system, converter cooling system for the 2.0MW wind power. In 2010, Yuxin succeeded to manufactured gear box lubrication system.

          Promoting the philosophy of "Commitment and Integrity, Innovation and Excellence", with AVIC's strict scientific management, the standard process control method, advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, Yuxin always provides the best heat dissipation solutions and services. Full of passion and innovation Yuxin is willing to cooperate with friends from all walks and create glorious future of wind power industry together!

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