Friends of Spaulding Court

Beautiful, Historic Spaulding Court.

One of the greatest things about Detroit is the architecture. Even better are the people who have put their heart and soul into the city and its redevelopment. While getting a tour of Hostel Detroit (keep your eyes open for a write up about that cool place), the uniqueness and beauty of Spaulding Court caught our eyes. Jeff, the manager at Hostel Detroit, gave us a little information saying they live like a community and are really nice people. That wasn’t enough for me, so as soon as I got home that day, I began researching Spaulding Court. What I found out intrigued me to send an email to the guy in charge, Jon Koller. In no time, I found myself sitting down with him discussing his passion for Spaulding Court.

Jon Koller in front of Spaulding Court.

Jon Koller in front of Spaulding Court.


Sharaku Sushi – an authentic Japanese experience

Our Experience. 

My husband, Dan, and I try our best to have weekly date nights. During our evening out, we like to find new and unique places in our community to try. That is how we discovered Sharaku Sushi.

As we walked in, I immediately knew we had hit gold – it had a unique, authentic feel and the sushi bar was packed with fresh fish.

chick in the mitt sushi 3

My dinner dream come true.

If you are a sushi lover like I am – this is YOUR place. They have a huge menu and there are unique rolls I had never tried before. If you don’t like sushi there are many other items on the menu to try. Speaking of the menu…it is in both Japanese and English! (more…)


Café Muse Royal Oak

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? Cheesy goodness melted between two pieces of butter covered bread. Mmm, my mouth waters as I think of enjoying one. My mom says that as a kid, that is all I would order at restaurants. Not much has changed; if there’s a grilled cheese on the menu (outside of the kiddie menu), I am for sure ordering it.

Gourmet grilled cheese has become a staple of a good restaurant’s menu, so I think I am well equipped to give my two cents on a good grilled cheese when I taste one. I’m not talking two pieces of white bread with some plastic American cheese, hardly melted between them, like I ate every day in the cafeteria at college. I’m talking the perfect amount of Fontina, Mozzarella, and Havarti cheeses paired with basil, honey, and tomato on multigrain bread causing a taste-gasm.

As many new trendy restaurants have popped up along the main drag of Royal Oak, I had forgotten about my first love, Café Muse and their perfect version of a grilled cheese. Located on Washington Street, Café Muse has an extraordinary menu, never disappointing. Although, I am typically a creature of habit at a restaurant, I have tried many things on their menu and everything is delicious. However, I always make sure someone at my table has chosen the grilled cheese so I can at least have a bite… or two… or three. If you have not tried this delicious grilled cheese yet, go do it. If you have, go do it again.

THE grilled cheese.

THE grilled cheese.


Modern Nails: Quick Spa Experience in Commerce

Our Experience.

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with pedicures. Even in the winter – when my toes barely see the light of day – I just can’t resist. My pedi place of choice is the newly renovated Modern Nails. The nail technicians are very friendly and professional. Walk-ins are welcome, but I highly recommend making an appointment with Ken, he does an amazing job!

They have a wide array of nail polish to choose from and did I mention you sit in the most comfortable massage chairs known to man? They literally massage from your temples down to your knees. I always ask if my toes can dry while I stay in the chair to get a few extra moments in heaven.


Look at that beautiful view.


It all started with a PB&J

fam at pbj

Family at PB&J.

It is not uncommon for my family to head downtown for the day and/or night to explore all that Detroit has to offer; typically old Detroit or all the new restaurants, bars, and sites. One Saturday, my cousins and I decided to grab our cameras and just go. As I was getting ready, I decided I wanted to do something else in addition to eating, drinking, & exploring. (more…)

Anthology: the place for coffee connoisseurs

Our Experience.

Anthology Coffee is not your average Starbucks, Biggby or Caribou….nor is it trying to be. Anthology is tucked away in Detroit’s Corktown.  Located on Vermont St. – they have taken up residence with other entrepreneurs in the Ponyride building.Though they sell and brew tasty coffee, their main focus is on training and education…they even offer coffee tastings and brewing classes – picture visiting a winery, but with java!

Anthology is a little tricky to find. You definitely have to know where you’re going…but that’s what Chick in the Mitt is here for!

The road-side entrance sign.

The road-side entrance sign.


Our Story Behind Chick in the Mitt

We are not claiming to be foodies, fashionistas, or socialites…we are just Michigan grown girls who love to live life indulging in all of our senses.

This blog is a place where you will find real & honest write-ups from our heart. No Photoshop used here – just our iPhones with the occasional photo filter. Chick in the Mitt is about sharing what we love so if we visit somewhere we don’t like – we simply don’t post about it.

Our hope for the readers is that you join us in our journey to See, Hear, Touch, Taste and Feel the state we adore. We want you to share with us, relate to us and hopefully be inspired to try new things.

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