Sharaku Sushi – an authentic Japanese experience

Our Experience. 

My husband, Dan, and I try our best to have weekly date nights. During our evening out, we like to find new and unique places in our community to try. That is how we discovered Sharaku Sushi.

As we walked in, I immediately knew we had hit gold – it had a unique, authentic feel and the sushi bar was packed with fresh fish.

chick in the mitt sushi 3

My dinner dream come true.

If you are a sushi lover like I am – this is YOUR place. They have a huge menu and there are unique rolls I had never tried before. If you don’t like sushi there are many other items on the menu to try. Speaking of the menu…it is in both Japanese and English!

chick in the mitt sushi 5

Glad they provided a translation.


So on our date night we tried lots of different rolls – I recommend the eel and scallion. I also ordered a salad with a delicious sesame dressing. Dan ordered a spicy shrimp appetizer which we loved – but has some kick to it. For his entree he ordered a teriyaki bowl which was a large portion of chicken and rice – YUM!





Sharaku Sushi is located at 6159 Haggerty Rd. Commerce, MI 48322. It is in a very large strip mall with lots of other restaurants – so keep your eye out for this sign:

The place you are looking for.

The place you are looking for.



This is a moderately priced restaurant. The average sushi roll is about $10 and the entrees are about $15.


If I had to sum up the vibe in one word it would be authentic. The servers spoke both English and Japanese and had an amazing understanding of the menu and what to recommend when wanting to try something new. The restaurant has a main dining area near the sushi bar and then separate little rooms with just three or four small tables inside. We ate in one of the rooms and had it all to ourself for the perfect date night!

Our private dining room.

Our private dining room.


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