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Football season is upon is and Olga’s Kitchen is ready to celebrate by giving away FREE SNACKERS! Yes, we’re talking about the signature, grilled-to-order, secret recipe, little pieces of heaven for free. All you have to do is bring in your winning ticket from any, home or away, U of M or MSU football game. Bring the winning ticket to any of the Olga’s Kitchen’s 26 locations to receive your free basket of snackers. Go Green! Go Blue!

Olga's Snackers

*offer valid only from the winning game day until the next U of M or MSU game is played.



To be really honest with you, having newborn pictures taken sounded like torture for the entire family. The combination of a hot August day + an unpredictable newborn + sleep deprived parents + a mom who’s not feeling her best = ugh. But to EVERYONES surprise, our morning with Laurie from Simply Newborn Art was one of the most enjoyable experience we had in those first few weeks of our baby’s life.




Over the weekend I was at the Eastern Market and came across the Stockyard food truck. I was intrigued by the unique sandwich combinations featured on their menu, so I decided to give it a try. When I got to the front of the line, I asked woman what her favorite sandwich was and she said the BLT Chorizo. So that’s what I went with it and all I can say is MMMMMMMMMMM!


BLT Chorizo Sandwich.


The Stockyard food truck is all over the place. So the best thing to do it sign up for location updates on their website or follow them on social media.


Their menu will vary from time to time but here are the prices from the day that I visited.


The Stockyard menu.


The vibe at the Stockyard food truck was simple and delicious. I could tell everything on the menu was specifically there for a reason and the sandwiches we crafted with thought and intent. I highly recommend this truck when you are in the mood for a unique sandwich experience.


The Stockyard food truck.


There is a new vodka in town and it is smooth! VOO Vodka is distilled/distributed right here in Michigan and recently, Courtney and I were treated to bottle and we were extremely impressed with how pure it tasted. We came to learn that there’s a specific reason for it’s clean taste; VOO Vodka is distilled eight times versus the industry standard five times, which explains why there was no “burn” when we tried it!




Giveaway ($400 value) from Rustic Maka!

Our entire mission at Chick in the Mitt is to spotlight all of the AMAZING small businesses Michigan has to offer. So when we heard about the initiative our friends at Rustic Maka launched this month, we just HAD to tell you about it. They have chosen 18 small businesses to spotlight and on November 28th, Small Business Saturday, one randomly selected person will receive a box filled with items ($400 value) from each small business!

To read about the small businesses participating and to enter the giveaway, click HERE.

Scroll down to read a heartwarming letter from Rustic Maka about the importance of supporting small businesses. 

Rustic Maka

Some of the amazing items included in the small business giveaway!

“In this season of compassion, caring and thankfulness, we have been asking ourselves: what does it take to bring a positive change in the world today?

As a small business that not too long ago started from the ground up, we have been pouring our dedication, long hours and a whole lot of sanity to make our passion for healthy living available to everyone. Not by a long shot have we ever thought that making Pachy deodorants for our families and ourselves would turn into hours of cooking, family sacrifices and arguments over the most benign things. But this is the price we are willing to pay for the best moments of having our own business and the change it can bring for all of us.

The change starts right at home. In the most unexpected way, it brings our family closer together – a soccer game on a Saturday morning, bonfire by the lake and one last bedtime story before the kids fall asleep.

And it doesn’t stop there. There are many of us joining this journey of change. The power of buying cheap junk in the name of the all mighty dollar lessened and transformed into a pride of owning a product of love, honesty and quality. When we make a purchase from a small business, we support the person behind it – our own neighbor, our kid’s baseball teammate, our best friend. According to Forbes, there are almost 28 million small businesses in the U.S. and over 50% of working population, work in small business. Purchasing from a small business means we are all working hand-in-hand to better our kid’s future and the country we live in.

Throughout this past year and a half, we have come to know so many amazing, hardworking small business owners behind the remarkable products they have created. From expos we’ve attended to casual introduction through a friend or simply by trying a product and being curious who was behind it, we have met these entrepreneurs and are continuously amazed at their business practices, the passion and hard work they put forward, every day.

This small chunk of 18 companies is here to represent not just Michigan small businesses, but small businesses all across the United States. We hope by getting to know us, everyone will be inspired to explore other up and coming brands.

Behind the brands we choose to support, there is always a person whose dreams we have helped come true, validated their hours of hard work and provided them with a boost to keep moving forward…all through a singular purchase of a product made purely with care, love and dedication.

Through supporting small business owners we are all given a chance to become part of the change, one product at a time, one person at a time.

Thank you! Rustic Maka

Unboxing of Mitten Crate with Founders

We have told you before how much we LOVE Mitten Crate – but we wanted to take the time to show you the types of deliciously curated products and specialty goods included in a crate, which ships right to your doorstep.

Watch our video below to see the founders of Mitten Crate join us for an “unboxing” of one their yummy Michigan-made crates.

The products mentioned in this video are:

Popdaddy: Popcorn

Beau Bien Fine Foods: Michigan Apple Mustard

Better Made: Licorice

Milford Spice Company: Pig Powder Pack

Ruben’s Chuck Wagon BBQ Sauce

2 Chicks and a Mix: Magic Mix

Detroit Mitt Roundup

Our Mitt Roundup is here and this time we are focusing on what we are currently obsessed with in Detroit! In this video, we’ll chat about the Empowerment Plan, Detroit’s Adopt a Park Program, Santorini and our Small Moments Detroit Giveaway.

Don’t forget, every month we will be rounding up our favorite Michigan based businesses and letting you know what’s going on around our state. Thanks for joining us on our journey as we eat, drink, shop and volunteer our way through the Mitt.

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